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Single Layer Carbon Fiber Veneer

Single Layer Aluminum Coated Fiberglass Veneer, .008" Thick

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Aluminized E-Glass, aka "silver carbon fiber", is aluminum coated fiberglass. Its not as strong or stiff as carbon fiber, but it has a unique aesthetic that you cant get any other way. Use this veneer for making thin parts or inlay. Its manufactured using the same high quality methods as our carbon fiber plate. Single Layer veneers are much more flexible than dual layer veneers.  Single layer veneers are capable of bending up to a .5 inch radius! This veneer has a beautiful high gloss surface on one side, and a matte finish on the other side for bonding. 

Made in San Diego CA.

Total Panel Thickness: .008" ±.003"

Length and Width Tolerance: ±.125"

Height X Width:
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aluminized fiberglass front.JPG
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