Standard Thick Plate By The Inch

2" Thick Standard Carbon Fiber Plate

from 9.85

Order by the inch!

Standard carbon fiber plate has fibers running in 0 and 90 degree directions. This thick plate is ideal for making high performance parts and visually striking art.

All of our carbon fiber plate is constructed from aerospace grade carbon fiber and high quality epoxy.  We employ manufacturing methods that result in a high fiber to resin ratio, a high strength to weight ratio, a near zero void content, and high quality finish characteristics. Our panels leave the mold with a beautiful high gloss surface on one side and a matte finish on the other side for bonding.  Made in the USA.

******** How to order ********

If you order a quantity of 5, you will receive a 5 inch long bar. Maximum continuous length is 48 inches. Tolerance on cuts are ± 1/16 inch.

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