Foam Core Carbon Fiber Top
Quasi-Isotropic Foam Core Carbon FIber Panels

Cored Panel, 1/2 Inch Foam Core, 2 Layer (.02 inch) Quasi-Isotropic Carbon Fiber Skins

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Cored carbon fiber panels can be used to construct ultra rigid, strong, and light weight structures. The ultra tough Corecell A500 foam core has incredible mechanical properties and is designed for slamming and dynamically loaded structures. We cover the core with aerospace grade carbon fiber in a quasi-isotropic layup, available in two, or four layers per side. The core is easily machined and the individual fabric layers are thin, making for a clean cutting material. We make the panel in a one-step process using high strength epoxy, ensuring consistently low void content, high compaction, and high mechanical properties. One side has a high gloss finish and the other side is a textured matte for bonding.

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Foam Core Carbon Fiber Top
Foam Core Carbon Fiber Bottom