Yes, we like robotics too :D... When Hillside Composites LLC was being created, the founders were finishing up research in the field of biologically inspired robots, at Purdue University. Below are a couple examples of the research, and the robots we custom built from the ground up, pictures courtesy of Dr Justin Seipel and Purdue University. We intend to work on some of our new robotic ideas in the near future.

Quadruped Robot (Purdue University)

Biped Robot (Purdue University)

Once Hillside Composites LLC was formed, the first project we took on was to design and build this prototype electric longboard. It was a beast as can be seen in the video, where it climbs the steepest grade we could find in West Lafayette IN with no problem whatsoever. Will there be electric skateboards in the future of hillside composites? Only time will tell.


Model of electric skateboard concept



As part of the electric longboard project, we decided to try manufacturing our own CF deck, since we already had experience and training with carbon fiber part design engineering and fabrication. This is the original prototype cruiser longboard deck created in 2013 weighing only 2.2 lbs.

The first prototype longboard deck we created

Prototype two cruiser longboard was created in 2014. We utilized more advanced manufacturing methods which allowed us to introduce more complex curves into the design.

Finished plug and mold

First longboard pull off the new mold!

The bottom face on this prototype was kevlar

The carbon fiber wrapped around the edges, looking sexy

For the second pull off the new mold we used a decorative carbon fiber weave  on the bottom.

The shape if the board was 1/4 convex, 1/4 camber, with the profile shown above.

We also built this mini board prototype!

Notice the carbon fiber weave on the top!

The bottom side of this board has a matte finish. We chose black wheels on black trucks on a black board with black hardware. Ninja Style.

Making custom molded carbon fiber parts can be a very expensive process. By utilizing flat part design, the starting cost of carbon fiber parts is much lower. That is why we set out to manufacture a line of carbon fiber that has excellent mechanical characteristics, beautiful defect free surfaces, and offer cutting services. We are specifically set up for cutting and finishing carbon fiber and other composite material, so that we can deliver first rate parts that are strong, aesthetically pleasing, and at a cost that traditional machine shops cant match.

Large 24" x 48" sheets are available. Email us for bulk pricing. This is how they look in direct sunlight.

Our carbon fiber sheets have one gloss side that is highly reflective. The other side is matte, which is great for bonding.