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High Temp Carbon Fiber Plate

1/16" Thick High Temp (400°F) Carbon Fiber Plate

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Our high temp carbon fiber panels are suitable for demanding structural applications in high temperature environments. Constructed from aerospace grade carbon fiber, and high temperature epoxy with an E' onset of 395°F and a Peak Tg of 452°F.  We employ manufacturing methods that result in a high fiber to resin ratio, a high strength to weight ratio, a low void content, and high quality finish characteristics. Our panels leave the mold with a beautiful high gloss surface on one side, and a matte finish on the other side for bonding.  Our aim is to deliver the highest quality carbon fiber products. Made in the USA. Note: These panels are designed to be flat and rigid, and will not conform to curved surfaces.

Visible layers are twill weave

Total Panel Thickness: .063" ±.01"

Length and Width Tolerance: ±.125"

Panel Density: .052lb/in3

Height X Width:
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IMG_3970 edited.jpg